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(Normally $150) Work with Michael during a 1:1 coaching call to discuss anything that's holding your mental game back. Whether you have trouble staying focused, creating routines, playing consistently, overcoming bad shots or if you want to learn more about tournament golf. Buy now for a $50+ discount! 

Wicked Smart Golf Academy

Get INSTANT access to proven mental game and course management secrets to play more CONSISTENT golf and lower your handicap (without changing your swing).

What you'll get:

  • Pre-Shot Like a Pro
  • Group Coaching Call
  • Ultimate Golf Offseason
  • Tournament Golf Formula
  • 5-Core Modules of Wicked Smart Golf Academy
  • FREE Updates for any new programs added to Wicked Smart Golf Academy 

More than 70 video trainings to help you lower your handicap, avoid blowup holes, and master your mental game. 

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What Golfers Are Saying About Wicked Smart Golf...

Helped me to think about golf with a more positive attitude which is increasing my confidence with every round. Wicked Smart Golf looks at the mental approach to the game along with helpful hints in how to practice more efficiently if you're like me and would rather play than practice.

Stan D

if you are struggling with your golf game a good place to evaluate may not be the swing, but your mental approach. This book and Michael's approach can help you look at your game through a different lens and unlock your game. So, before you go buy the training aid that promises you the "perfect golf swing" save your money and buy "Wicked Smart Golf.

Chris M

Helpful, truthful, and insightful. I have seen an improvement in the first week. Seeing myself in this light has help me understand my need and my weaknesses.

David G