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Score Like Scratch Golfer

Score Like a Scratch is the EASIEST way to start playing more consistent golf and shooting lower scores without changing your swing. 

When you join you'll get INSTANT access to: 

  • 6-core training modules + BONUSES
  • Pre-Shot Like a Pro Video Training 
  • Practice Like a Pro (Ebook + Video Training) 
  • Mental Golf Mastery Ebook  

All video trainings are 100% self-paced. You will also get FREE updates as we continue to make this the best golf program availalbe. 

What Wicked Smart Members Are Saying:

My mental game has clearly been the limiting factor in improving my golf scores. Through just one meeting with Michael Leonard, I have the confidence with a few simple and achievable course tasks to go out and not only potentially shoot lower scores, but enjoy my experience through improved confidence. I will be working on focusing on only things in my control on the course, pre-shot routines ahead of each stroke, and having confidence into my swing.

Jonah H.

I've always struggled with the mental game and making better decisions on the course. This system helped me improve my strategy and feel much more confident during the round.

Steve S.