Discover the SECRET to Playing Better Golf and Shooting Lower Scores WITHOUT Changing Your Swing

Learn the "8-second secret" that all elite amateur and professional golfers do to prime their mind and body for every swing. 99% of golfers don't know this secret and waste 3-5 shots (or more) every single round. 

If you're someone who loves golf but wants to play more CONSISTENTLY and shoot lower scores then you're in the right place. 

Golf is a hard sport but if you're like most players you probably make it 10X harder on yourself (without even realizing it). 

If you're like most golfers I'm sure you want to:

  • Score more consistently
  • Avoid costly blow up holes 
  • Hit more than one good shot in a row
  • Play to your potential and not waste shots every round
  • Be able to take your range game to the golf course so you can play better when it matters most

Because let's face it, there's nothing worse than being a great range player. It's so frustrating to hit it well on the driving range only to struggle on the golf course.

It's easy to get in your head and doubt yourself on the course. This usually leads to thinking,

  • "What's wrong with me?"
  • "What do I need to change in my swing?"
  • "How can I start shooting more consistently?"

Here's the truth... if you hit it well on the range but not the course, it's easier to fix than you might think.

Because believe it or not, losing your swing and playing bad happens even to the best players in the world too.

Think back to some of the biggest meltdowns you've ever seen in professional golf. 

Phil Mickelson at Winged Foot making double bogey on the final hole to lose his best chance of winning all four majors. 

Greg Norman at the 1996 Masters where he blew a six shot lead and lost to Nick Faldo.

Or, Lee Westwood in the 2013 Open Championship. 

Did all of these great players suddenly lose their ability to swing a golf club? 


They weren't in the right mental space to make decisions and keep their mind relaxed.

While it might just seem like nerves, they all have ONE thing in common.

All of these players changed (unintentionally) their pre-shot routine on the final day or on a specific shot. 

Which directly impacted their ability to go low and finish strong.

Essentially, they ditched what was working for them the previous days of the tournament. 

A pre-shot routine is one of the few things that all elite players have in common. 

Yet, most everyday amateur golfers have no consistent routine at all... then wonder why their game isn't consistent.

Golf is NOT like other sports.

You don't need to "react" to a ball being thrown at you like basketball or football.

The ball is just sitting there, waiting for you.

With golf, you need a routine to calm your nerves, swing like you do on the range, and prime your mind for the shot.

But there's an art to the timing and habits that make up your routine or pre-shot ritual.

And some parts of your routine can actually hurt your game and make bad shots almost inevitable.

Creating an efficient pre-shot routine is the fastest way to beat nerves, hit more fairways, more greens, and make more putts (regardless of your handicap).

Don't take my word for it, a study done on the European Tour PROVES that a pre-shot ritual is the fastest way to start shooting lower scores WITHOUT changing your swing.

This European Tour Study Changes EVERYTHING 😲

 When it comes to shooting lower scores, it's always good to learn from the best players in the world.

While most sports psychologists and announcers have talked about a pre-shot routine before, it had never been studied at the highest levels.

Every player had their own routine, but they were all very different from one and other. 

However, a new study found that there are some similarities and they're so simple that you can add them to your game and start shooting lower scores, FAST.

The European Tour conducted a player performance study to understand how routines impacted their score. They analyzed 22,000 shots to see how a routine may affect driving, approach shots, and putting.

The results were INCREDIBLE and will make you rethink why a pre-shot routine is SO important to playing consistently and shooting lower scores. 

They found:

  • A consistent routine lead to making more cuts 
  • An efficient routine could earn a European Tour player an extra 189K (EURO) per season
  • A shorter amount of time over the ball with putting resulted in a 90% in the likelihood of strokes being gained 

Think about it, this is true for some of the BEST golfers in the world. 

When using a consistent set of pre-shot rituals in an efficient amount of time they saw amazing results.

The study also found that amateur golfers like you can also benefit greatly from creating a pre-shot routine.

Think about how this would impact you, an amateur golfer... if it helped them save 1–2 shots per round, this might help you save 35 (or likely more) shots every single round.

The best part?

No swing change, training aids, or expensive instructor are required. 

This is why it's VITAL that you create a pre-shot routine ASAP.

But not all routines are the same and some might actually hurt your game. Only in golf right?

If you're ready to quit wasting more time on the driving range and ready to get the most of your game, I'm here to help.

Introducing Pre-Shot Like a Pro.

“Your pre-shot routine is your wingman
on the golf course."

Dr. Bob Rotella,
Sports Psychologist and Author of 7+ Golf Books including Golf is Not a Game of Perfect & Putting Out of Your Mind 

The PROVEN Formula to Become a More Consistent Golfer

Pre-Shot Like a Pro is a game changing method to start shooting lower scores FAST using Michael's ARRA framework. This strategy is based on extensive science backed research to make golf feel easier every single round. Whether you're a 2 or a 20 handicap, this system will help you play better.

The truth is you probably know at some level that you need a routine. Think about it... NFL field goal kickers and NBA players at the free throw line all go through a series of rituals to prime themselves for the shot. While all elite amateur and professional golfers do the same thing. Most amateur golfers don't... and it's costing A LOT of shots every single round.

But a pre-shot routine isn't simply about doing the same things over and over again. It's about learning how to hack your mind so you can swing with confidence like you're on the range (even if it's a pressure packed shot). Your golf game depends on it.

Reaching your golf potential doesn't mean you need new equipment or expensive golf lessons. Instead, it's about learning how to master your mind on the golf course with a consistent pre-shot routine. But there's an art to it and inside, you'll learn the secrets of the best players in the world. 

See what's waiting for you inside Pre-Shot Like a Pro once you become a member...

Learn the four core modules to understand the psychology of a routine, study the routines of Tiger (& other professional golfers), and the best rituals that will help you shoot lower scores every single round. Plus, learn how to adapt your routine around and on the greens for a more consistent short game too.

Here's how...

Module 1: The Pro Golf Secret You Need to Know

Learn the pro golf secret that can changes everything

Consistent golfers think, act, and operate differently from everyday amateur golfers. They understand that a few simple t

Inside Module 1, you will discover:

  • 7 PROVEN benefits to having a pre-shot routine
  • How timing your routine can give you a 90% better chance to make more putts
  • The European Tour study that proves how a pre-shot routine will lead to lower scores (from tee to green)

Module 2: Pre-Shot Mistakes That Cause Inconsistent Golf

Discover why most routines aren't effective

A lot of amateur golfers have routines but a lot of the habits are hurting your chances of hitting a good shot. In this lesson you'll learn what current parts of your routine are holding you back from playing your best golf. 

Inside module 2 you will learn: 

  • What made Tiger Woods truly great (and how you can do it too) 
  • The 7 most common mistakes that most amateur golfers make 
  • One simple mental hack to have 10X more confidence over the ball

Module 3: The Proven 7 Steps of a Professional Routine

Learn how to build a routine that builds confidence

Every golfer wants more confidence on the course. The key to having confidence over every shot happens from learning how to analyze your shot, make the right type of rehearsal (not practice) swings, and a few other rituals to step to each sho 

Inside Module 3 you will learn:

  • How to pick targets and effectively analyze every shot
  • The 8-second rule that will make your routines 10X more effective 
  • Why you need a post shot routine so you can avoid blow up holes (and play more consistent)

Module 4: Short Game Routines 

Learn how to save 3-5+ shots around the green

Most golfers don't have a short game routine or if they do, try to use a similar one to their full-shot. But this is likely costing you 3-5+ strokes per round and causing endless frustration around the greens.

It's VITAL to modify your routine with chipping and putting to get in the zone and not waste shots around the green. 

Inside Module 4 discover:

  • How to create an effective short game routine 
  • The secret mental hack to prime your mind for hard chips, pitches, and putts
  • The art of developing a putting routine to give you Tiger-like confidence on the greens

“A good pre-shot ritual gives your subconscious a countdown which lets every part of your body know when things are going to happen.” 

Dave Pelz
Short Game Coach to Top Players on PGA, LPGA, and European Tour. Author of several golf books include Short Game Bible. 

BONUS #1: Practice Like a Pro ($197 Value)

Don't you hate it when you go to the driving range or short game area and feel like you didn't improve (or actually got worse)? With Practice Like a Pro you can learn how to structure your practice, the best drills, and more tips to make the most out of each practice session. 

Inside this BONUS program you will discover:

  • How to gain 10+ yards to your drives
  • The one thing you need for every practice session
  • The best training aids that actually work to groove a more consistent swing
  •  How to practice at home, indoors, and/or outdoors for year round progress


BONUS #2: Mental Golf Secrets ($47 Value)

A pre-shot routine is the first step in creating a rock solid mental game. But there's a lot more you can do to start playing better golf without swing changes.

Inside this BONUS you will learn:

  • How to overcome first tee jitters
  • Two simple hacks to stay present and focused in every round
  • The mental secret to help you avoid trouble off the tee so you don't have round-killing blow up holes

Over $400 of value inside Pre-Shot Like a Pro and the two bonuses!

But you can start training your swing for a much lower investment in your golf game...

Pre-Shot Like a Pro


Lowest Investment

  • 4-Core Modules of Pre-Shot Routine Like a Pro ($297 value)
  • BONUS: Practice Like a Pro ($197 value)
  • BONUS: Mental Golf Secrets ($47 value)

This is about the price of two sleeves of golf balls!


Wicked Smart Golf Academy


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This is about the price of a golf lesson, but something you will use every round for the rest of your life!


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm that confident that Pre-Shot Routine Like a Pro has everything you need to start playing better golf and shooting lower scores... FAST. 

Let me take the risk for 30 days so you can focus on creating your pre-shot routine. If you aren't fully satisfied shoot me an email [email protected] for your money back.

Please note, if you enroll in the VIP option there are no refunds as it includes a coaching call with Michael. 

Remember, this investment is the same price as a few sleeves of golf balls. But it can transform your game as long as you play this great game. 

Let's Recap...

  • When you join Pre-Shot Like a Pro you get instant access to the 4-core training modules. These are bite-sized video trainings to help you learn the pre-shot fundamentals of elite golfers. These trainings WILL help you become a more confident and consistent golfer.

  • Plus, you get two EPIC bonuses:
    • Practice Like a Pro: Learn how to practice like the best golfers in the world to actually make improvements during each practice session. These videos will help you 10X each practice session to NEVER waste time on the driving range again. 
    • Mental Golf Secrets E-book: Learn 15 proven mental golf hacks to master your mind on the golf course to play better (especially under pressure). Paired with a consistent pre-shot routine, you will get in the zone every round. 

That makes Pre-Shot Routine Like a Pro and bonuses worth more than $400... and you can join for ONLY $27 ✅


At this point, you have a choice. You can keep playing golf like you have been and keep expecting different results. This is the “hard” path… the one where you practice, hope to get better, and keep reading endless golf content or watch more YouTube videos looking for the solution.


You can choose to invest in yourself with Pre-Shot Like a Pro.

You can speed up the learning curve of golf from a +2 handicap golfer who’s competed in 200+ days of tournament golf including Q-School and a professional golf writer. Someone who has used everything inside this program to become a top-rated amateur golfer in Arizona. 

But whatever you choose, choose quickly because your golf game depends on it! 

Join NOW!

“A pre-shot routine helps you build a cocoon around yourself. This is the mysterious zone that athletes refer to longingly. But there's nothing mysterious about it.”

Helen Alfredsson,
Author of A Good Swing is Hard to Find

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"I never hit a shot, not even in practice, without first seeing it in my mind.”

Jack Nicklaus, 
18-Time Major Champion

🏌️‍♂️Meet Your Mental Golf Coach 💭

Who is Michael Leonard?

Michael is a +2 handicap with 20+ years of golf experience. He played in high school and dropped 50 shots in four years (124 as a freshmen, 74 as a senior) and played college golf in Southern California.

After falling back in love with the game in 2016 (thanks to a trip to Pebble Beach) he quit his corporate career in 2017 to pursue entrepreneurship and golf. Since then, he's become a top 25 ranked Arizona Amateur golfer and competed in hundreds of days of tournament golf. Including elite amateur events through the USGA, AZ Golf Association, and even went to Q-school in 2019 in Nebraska. 

Michael Leonard has also been a golf writer since 2017 and written more than 2,000,000 words about the sport covering all topics from mental game, product reviews, golf course reviews, and more. In 2022, he used his writing and digital marketing experience to launch Wicked Smart Golf - a golf podcast/brand committed to helping the everyday golfer. He also released a book with the same name that provides 111 ways to play better golf and shoot lower scores without swing changes. 

Michael is also a Level 1 Certified Mental Golf Coach using the Mental Golf Type System. His mission is simple - help you play better, have more fun on the golf course, and reach your true potential.

Pre-Shot Like a Pro

The fastest way to shoot lower scores and play golf with 10X more confidence on every swing.

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“The goal of any golfer should be to create a balance between reaping the benefits of a good pre-shot routine without rushing it, and not leaving too much room for distraction and stiffness to enter the equation."

Mike Bender,
Top Golf Teacher and Author of Golf's 8-Second Secret