Better Golf Without Swing Changes

Welcome to Wicked Smart Golf - hosted by Michael Leonard. This golf podcast will help you shoot lower scores and play your best WITHOUT changing your swing.

Michael is a full-time golf writer who has written over 2,000,000 words about the sport since 2017 and been playing golf for more than 20 years. In high school, he dropped 50 shots in four years (124-74), played college golf in Southern California, and now plays competitively in Arizona through the USGA, Arizona Golf Association, and Outlaw Tour. He even went to Q-school in 2019 as an amateur golfer.

His goal is simple - help golfers shoot lower scores and drop their handicap without all the technical swing changes. Because let's face it, no matter how good you get, your swing will never be perfect and a work in progress. The good news is that you don't need a "perfect" swing to break 80 or become a scratch golfer.

In this podcast, he will teach you how to play more consistent golf by mastering your mindset, playing wicked smart golf on the course, learn to practice like a pro, and simplify the short game for lower scores. Enjoy weekly solo episodes and plenty of interviews with golf coaches, elite players, best-selling authors, and other inspiring golf stories.

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With more than 200 episodes, make sure to visit the blog page and search for any episodes Michael might have already recorded. Whether you need mental game help, learning how to practice, course management strategies, or interested in tournament golf, there is an episode for you. 

If you're new to the show, here are some of the most popular episodes to help your golf game. 

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MMiller414 - Apple Podcasts

"Michael delivers straight value to your game in all aspects in an easily digestible way. Highly recommend this for any skill level - those of us that have the bug know that you can never get enough golf in your life, and apart of teaching, this podcast keeps me sane with the dopamine hit of golf during the commute each week!"

Max122289 - Apple Podcasts

"There is so much great content in this pod in every episode. I have began applying or at least tried many of the strategies explained from the episodes and have definitely seen an improvement in my game. What I really love about this podcast, is that anyone from a beginner to a scratch golfer can benefit from it. It’s great to hear 1st hand tournament experience from Michael as well as what his guest have to say."

Higginbotham5454 - Apple Podcasts

"I’ve committed to getting my mental game better. The podcast is spot on for the everyday hacker out on the course to shave stokes off your game. Highly recommend."


jonah11321 - Apple Podcasts

"After just a couple days, I’m 15 episodes in. If you’re addicted to golf, and grinding to get better, or simply play as a weekend warrior, this podcast is for you! I couldn’t ask for a more comprehensive vault of amazing golf discussion, and after a few days am already seeing results on the course. Give this podcast a shot. You won’t regret it!"

frustratedwrp - Apple Podcasts

Michael breaks the game down, gives you real world advice on how to play your best golf! If “ain’t no hobby”. You’ll wanna listen to what he has to say!!! Love the podcast! Keep up the great work!!!

BirdieMan87 - Apple Podcasts

The last few months I haven’t approached my game very seriously and my scoring suffered as a result. After listening to a handful of episodes, this pod gave me the motivation I needed. I brought some of these lessons to the course and immediately regained form. Focusing specifically on a consistent pre-shot routine that took 13 seconds or less yielded great results for me, and I’m really excited to build on the momentum. I didn’t think I’d be golfing as much in ‘23 but I’m already looking at tournament schedules and thinking I should’ve set loftier golf goals for the year. You’re the man…many thanks from a big fan!