Wicked Smart Golf Podcast

 Better Golf Without Swing Changes

Welcome to Wicked Smart Golf - hosted by Michael Leonard. This golf podcast will help you shoot lower scores and play your best without changing your swing.

In this podcast, I'll help you learn how to play more consistent golf by mastering your mindset, playing wicked smart golf on the course, learn to practice like a pro, and simplify the short game for lower scores.

Enjoy weekly solo episodes and plenty of interviews with golf coaches, elite players, best-selling authors, and other inspiring golf stories.

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Cameron Strachan

Learn about the #1 putting system that helped me go from 33 to 29 putts per round! This interview with Cameron Strachan will help you putt better than ever.

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Scott Fawcett

Learn from the "moneyball" of golf Scott Fawcett about DECADE Golf. This course management system will automate decision-making for lower scores.

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Kiel Alderink

Learn how your personality affects your ability to get in the zone on the golf course. Get ready to rethink the mental game of golf for less stress and more fun.

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Most Popular Solo Episodes 

MMiller414 - Apple Podcasts

"Michael delivers straight value to your game in all aspects in an easily digestible way. Highly recommend this for any skill level - those of us that have the bug know that you can never get enough golf in your life, and apart of teaching, this podcast keeps me sane with the dopamine hit of golf during the commute each week!"

Max122289 - Apple Podcasts

"There is so much great content in this pod in every episode. I have began applying or at least tried many of the strategies explained from the episodes and have definitely seen an improvement in my game. What I really love about this podcast, is that anyone from a beginner to a scratch golfer can benefit from it. It’s great to hear 1st hand tournament experience from Michael as well as what his guest have to say."