Discover the SECRET to Shooting Lower Scores and Becoming a More Consistent Golfer
(without changing your swing)

Learn the tee to green scoring secrets that all elite amateur and professional golfers
use to score low even on your "off" days...

If you're someone who loves golf but wants to play more CONSISTENTLY and shoot lower scores without spending hours on the range, then you're in the right place. 

WARNING: You’re making golf 10X harder on yourself - without realizing it.

Golf is already one of the most difficult (if not the most challenging) sports out there.

It’s even harder with a full-time job, family, and other responsibilities in life.

But if you’re here I’m guessing you love the game and want to reach your potential - whatever that is for you. 

If you're tired of endlessly working on your swing and still not seeing results, keep reading.

If you’re like most golfers you probably want to: 

  • Shoot lower scores
  • Play more consistent golf
  • Break 90, 80, or even par
  • Have more fun and enjoyment every time you tee it up
  • Become a scratch golfer, compete in money games, amateur tournaments, or maybe even win the Club Championship. 

Unfortunately, most golfers think the only way to reach those goals is by having a consistent repeatable golf swing.

Most golfers think they have to be “perfect” to score low. 

I’m here to tell you that perfect golf doesn’t exist (nor does a perfect swing - sorry coaches).

Yet, driving ranges around the world are filled with golfers trying to ingrain the perfect swing.

Constantly tinkering with the latest and greatest training aids.

Or endlessly watching swing videos on YouTube University.

Hoping they’re just one video away from finally learning how to shoot lower scores. 

But I’m here to tell you otherwise… 

… and I know it will trigger a lot of golfers. 

Shooting lower scores and playing more consistently (so you can have more fun) DOES NOT happen from spending more time on the range.

Learning to score consistently well comes down to thinking your way around the golf course and playing YOUR game. 

Don’t get me wrong, your golf swing is important but not everything. 

A great golf swing doesn’t guarantee lower scores - otherwise, Rory, Tiger, or Adam Scott would win everything.

Instead, guys like Jim Furyk and other unconventional swings can win millions of dollars.

Regardless of your swing mechanics, it’s always a work in progress (even for the best players).

Think about it, in the history of golf has anyone ever actually fixed their swing once and for all?


Whether you’re Jason Day, Justin Thomas. Brooks Koepka, or (insert your favorite golfer) they’re still working on their swing.

And they probably will until they stop playing competitively. 

That’s just golf - a constant work in progress. 

They might figure it out a few times per year and get on a winning streak like Scottie Schefler in 2022. 

But it usually doesn’t last long (unless you’re Tiger Woods in the early 2000s).

Even if they aren’t winning all the time, most of them can still retain their PGA Tour card… despite swing issues.


By scoring well... not always swinging well. 


If you hear any of these elite golfers after a good round they NEVER talk about swing technique. Instead, they say things like:

  • “Played to my strengths.”
  • “Stayed patient out there.”
  • “I just stuck to my game plan.”
  • “Made sure to miss in the right spots.”
  • “I took it one shot at a time and didn’t get ahead of myself.” 

They’re not saying in their post round pressers:

  • “I made sure my wrists hinged properly.”
  • “I tried to take the club back more outside so I could swing in to out.”
  • “I thought about clearing my hips so I could get through the ball better.”

They’re focused on the score, not their swing.

Which is the opposite of most everyday golfers.

Most golfers are constantly playing their golf swing vs. playing golf.

Raymond Floyd described this perfectly in his book, the Elements of Scoring, 

There are probably more people captivated and even obsessed by golf than ever before, yet most are consumed with swing mechanics, driving the ball farther, sports psychology, and having the latest high-tech equipment. 

All those are worthy subjects that can improve your game and increase your enjoyment but I think most people miss the forest for the trees. The reason people don’t shoot lower scores, to be blunt, is that most people don't how to PLAY. Not how to swing or how to hit the ball farther; how to play the game.” 

It’s hard to disagree with the 21-time PGA Tour champion (who nearly completed the Grand Slam of golf winning three of four major championships).

Let’s break down that quote because it’s the reason you and most golfers aren’t shooting the scores you know you can.

Swing mechanics… it’s all anyone talks about. From the driving range to YouTube to social media, everyone is pedaling swing tips.

Driving the ball farther… important for sure but not the end all be all. In fact, there’s nothing worse than gaining distance only to shoot the same scores. 

Sports psychology… Another important part of golf but if your skills and course management skills aren’t there, a great mental attitude won’t lead to lower scores either.

Finally, equipment is important but once again, not the key to scoring low either.

Playing the game of golf is seemingly a lost art these days. 

Let me explain…

Scoring Lower and More Consistently Comes From Thinking More Effectively...

As you know, golf is like a drug - a lot of highs and lows. 

But when it’s good… it’s great!

When it’s bad… It's awful and can bring up some nasty emotions unlike any other sport or leisure activity. 

Trust me, I get it… 

I’ve gotten so mad on the golf course I once threw my brand-new 5-wood in a lake in Sunriver Oregon.

*Side note - I bought goggles and an underwater flashlight, snuck onto that private golf course at night, tried to fish it out, but never found it again. True story.

I’ve also punched steering wheels and broken clubs… so I know what it feels like to get mad on the golf course.

Frustration often stems from thinking you should perform better and not hitting your ideal scores. 

But if you’re like most golfers you think that PGA Tour (or LIV golfers) are much better than they are.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re the best of the best but far from perfect.

Just look at these average statistics from the 2022 PGA Tour season:

  • 59.76% of fairways hit in regulation.
  • 65.67% of greens in regulation.
  • 58.30% scrambling.
  • 29.06 putts/round.

These are the BEST players in the world.

And they don’t hit 100% of fairways or greens.

They don’t get it up and down every time they miss the green. 

And they don’t make every putt - despite what you might see on the PGA Tour coverage.

While I love watching golf on TV, it’s important to remember it’s not real.

Meaning, you’re only seeing the highlight reel on TV to keep you watching. 

You are not seeing the average pro who hits about 50% of fairways, 65% of greens, and only gets up and down about half the time.

Instead, we always see the 350+ yard drives, pin seeking irons, amazing chip shots, and putts dropping from everywhere. 

NEWSFLASH: this is setting you up for failure on the golf course.

Because as you can imagine, amateur golf stats are much worse - because we have jobs, families, and other responsibilities.

But the great news is that you can still play consistently and shoot lower than ever by being a great course manager.

Introducing, Score Like a Scratch Golfer.

“Your pre-shot routine is your wingman
on the golf course."

Dr. Bob Rotella,
Sports Psychologist and Author of 7+ Golf Books including Golf is Not a Game of Perfect & Putting Out of Your Mind 

The EASIEST Way to Become a More Consistent Golfer

Score Like a Scratch Golfer is the easiest way to start shooting lower scores more consistently without swing changes. 

These video lessons are easy to follow and can be watched at your own pace. You'll learn the mental strategies used by the best golfers in the world, including:

- Pre-round preparation: How to mentally prepare yourself for a round of golf and set yourself up for success.

- Course management: How to analyze each hole, make strategic decisions, and play to your strengths.

- Shot selection: How to choose the right shot for each situation and avoid common mistakes to avoid double bogeys and blow up holes.

- Mental toughness: How to stay focused, positive, and resilient in the face of challenges.

 Whether you're shooting in the 80s or 90s, this system can help you play better FAST.

But what is it? 

It’s a 6-pillar video training program that uses The Simple Scoring System that any golfer can apply to playing your best golf.

Each pillar builds on the next to help you score better from tee to green - regardless of how you’re swinging that day. 

You will learn the shots, strategies, and mindset of a champion that you need during every round.

 This program is suitable for golfers of all levels, whether you're a beginner or an experienced player.

You DO NOT need to have a perfect swing or a low handicap to benefit from our mental training techniques.

With Score Like a Scratch Golfer, you'll learn how to play smarter, not harder.

Even before you show up to the course there are so many mistakes that most golfers make (wrong equipment, mindset, lacking a warm-up, etc.).

Then, during the round golfers waste SO many shots from poor decision-making. 

Not to mention a ton of different mental game mistakes that make consistent scoring nearly impossible. 

My goal is to help you become a scorer - not a better ball striker. 

As I mentioned before, your swing is a work in progress and will be for the rest of your life.

But regardless of your swing or talent levels, there are TONS of ways to improve your SCORES every single round. 

I’m confident that when you enroll and use these principles, your score and handicap will drop in 90 days but probably much sooner.

Plus, you’ll learn the secrets of the pros on how to score consistently, even if your swing feels terrible.

Reaching your golf potential doesn't mean you need new equipment or expensive golf lessons. 

Instead, it's about learning how to master your mind so you can make better decisions.

When you can learn to think like a scratch golfer, you can score more consistently than you thought possible. 

But there's an art to it and inside, you'll learn the secrets of the best players in the world.

See what's waiting for you inside  Score Like a Scratch Golfer once you become a member...


Score Like a Scratch Golfer is a 6-module golf course management + mental game program that will help you make better decisions on the golf course. 

Learn how to automate your thinking to shoot lower scores every time you tee it up - even if your swing is off. 

This proven system will help you master all aspects of the game including practice, pre-round, during the round, and post-round strategies. 

From choosing the right equipment, how to warm up to get your mind and body ready, tee box + approach shot strategies, short game tips, and mental game strategies for lower scores every round.

When you learn how to make better decisions, you will play better golf. 

Here’s how…

Module 1: The Mindset of Scratch Golfers

Learn how to think your way to lower scores

To hit your golf goals - whether that’s breaking 90, 80, becoming a scratch golfer, or qualifying for tournaments - you need the right mindset. If you’re like most golfers you have enough skill and are pretty consistent in practice… but something changes during the round. 

Which probably leads to asking yourself, “Why can’t I take my range game to the golf course?”

It’s a good question and something that every golfer has struggled with before. But if you can hit it well on the range but it doesn't transfer to the course, this is a mental game issue that you can fix much easier than you realize. 

Inside module 1 you will learn: 

  • Why your mental game leads to inconsistency.
  • How to adopt the “Tiger 5” to shoot lower scores every round. 
  • The real reason why your handicap isn’t dropping (and how to change it). 
  • Why you need to reset expectations to play better and have more fun every round. 
  • How to get in "The Zone" more often so you can hit flush shots, have more ball striking consistency, and avoid blow up holes.

Module 2: Pre-Round Rituals to Prime Your Mind and Body 

Discover the biggest pre-round mistakes costing 5+ strokes

Great golf happens before you put the peg in the first tee box. In this module we’ll make sure your equipment and practice routines are setting you up for success. 

Otherwise, you’re just making a hard sport even more difficult. Plus, you will learn how to warm up (even if you only have 15 minutes) so you start the round loose and ready to go. This will help you attack the golf course from the first hole and not wait until the back 9 to get comfortable. 

Inside module 2 you will discover:

  • Three different pre-round warm up routines.
  • Why you need a “stock shot” for consistency.
  • Mental game hacks to overcome first tee jitters and start the day with confidence. 
  • How a pre-shot routine can save you 3–5 shots per round (and help control your emotions).
  • How to create a distance chart so you have more confidence standing over every approach shot. 

Module 3: The Secrets of Consistent Driving

Learn why most golfers struggle off the tee 

Golf is 10x easier when you have confidence standing on the tee box. Unfortunately, most golfers are terrified of slicing driver and pray for a good drive

Inside module 3 you will learn:

  • The one tee shot every golf needs to always hit fairways.
  • Why hitting 3-wood to “find more fairways” is a terrible strategy.
  • The correct way to pick targets and put the ball in play more often. 
  • The secret hack that PGA Tour players use for tons of tee box confidence.  
  • How to gain 5–15 yards in 8–12 weeks without spending hours and hours in the gym.

Module 4: How to Attack Approach Shots

Discover how to easily hit more greens for more birdie putts

There is an art to approach shots that few golfers realize. But when you learn how to attack approach shots with these proven strategies you'll have more looks at birdie than you could imagine.

Inside module 4 you will discover:

  • How to escape trouble and still save par.
  • The one approach shot you need every round.
  • How to navigate playing on soft or firm greens. 
  • The biggest mistake most golfers make with approach shots.
  • How to stop short siding yourself so you can avoid double bogeys and blow up holes.

Module 5: Simple Short Game Secrets 

Learn how to save more shots around the greens fast

Are you tired of wasting shots around the greens? There’s nothing worse than hitting a few good shots, only to walk away with bogey or double bogey (or worse) from a poor short game. 

The good news is that upgrading your short game is so much easier than your long game. Not to mention your short game rarely disappears like your long game and can be there to save you during “off days.” 

Inside module 5 you will learn:

  • Why “lagging it up” is hurting your game.
  • How to stop wasting shots around the greens. 
  • The short game rule that will save shots every round.
  • The easiest way to never miss a putt inside three feet again. 
  • How to develop a professional putting routine for insane confidence on every putt. 

Module 6: Mid-Round Mental Game Hacks

Discover how to develop a strong mental game

Golf requires a tremendous amount of focus to play well all 18 holes - not just 15 or 16. As Jack Nicklaus once said, “Golf is 90% mental, only 10% physical.” The key is to learn how to use your mind to get the most out of your game. 

The sooner you create a mental game strategy, the sooner you will play with more CONFIDENCE. Most of these mental strategies are not talked about and another reason most golfers don’t score as consistently as they can.   

Inside module 6 you will discover:

  • How to minimize penalty shots
  • What to do after every shot to stay 100% focused. 
  • The right way to use swing thoughts on the course.
  • The two types of “focus” to maintain concentration on every shot. 
  • How to use the 7-shot rule to not let your emotions get the best of you (and get off the bogey train). 

BONUS MODULE: Professional Post Round Habits of Success

Learn how to analyze your round for better practice

The final BONUS trainings are all about what you do after the round. By spending 10–15 minutes assessing your game you can learn more than you thought possible (from good or bad rounds). 

But what should you focus on? How should you track your stats? What are the best apps to use? 
We cover all of that and a lot more to make the most of your post-round routine. 

Inside the bonus module you will learn:

  • The best golf apps to play more consistently. 
  • How to analyze your rounds in 10-minutes or less. 
  • How to reprogram your mind to remember your good shots. 
  • What to do after the round to 10X your future practice sessions. 

Once you progress through all the training you’ll have everything you need to score like a scratch golfer - even if you aren't one (yet).

This proven system will make help you play more consistently, improve your scoring average, play more consistently, and get more enjoyment during the round.

What People are Saying About Wicked Smart Golf...

“The past is history, the future is a mysterey, being alive in this moment is a gift. That's why they call it the present.” 

Dr. Joseph Parent
Author of Zen Golf and Zen Putting

BONUS #1: Pre-Shot Like a Pro ($297 Value)

A consistent set of rituals before the shot can lead to lower scores immediately (my guess is 3–5 strokes for most golfers). The problem is that most golfers don’t have a pre-shot routine or it varies so much, it’s hardly considered a routine.

Inside this epic bonus you will learn:

  • The 8-second secret of top professional golfers. 
  • Why you need a putting, chipping, and full-shot routine.
  • The biggest mistakes that kill your confidence with each swing.
  • How to time your pre-shot routine perfectly to avoid mental demons. 
  • How to practice your pre-shot routine to become consistent on the course.

BONUS #2: Practice Like a Pro ($197 Value)

Don't you hate it when you go to the driving range or short game area and feel like you didn't improve (or actually got worse)? With Practice Like a Pro you can learn how to structure your practice, the best drills, and more tips to make the most out of each practice session. 

Inside this BONUS program you will discover:

  • How to gain 10+ yards to your drives.
  • The one thing you need for every practice session.
  • The best training aids that actually work to groove a more consistent swing.
  •  How to practice at home, indoors, and/or outdoors for year round progress.

BONUS #3: Tournament Toolkit ($147 Value)

Tournament golf is NOT like a normal round of golf with your buddies. When you have to play by the rules of golf, putt everything out, and play with strangers, it’s like a different game.

Some golfers crumble, others thrive under pressure. After competing in 200+ days of tournament golf (including US Open qualifiers, Q-School and state championships) my goal is to simplify this process to play better under pressure. 

Inside this epic bonus training you will learn:

  • How to get started in tournaments.
  • Why you need a game plan to succeed.
  • The mindset for tournament (or high pressure) golf.
  • How to play practice rounds so you show up prepared. 

BONUS #4: Mental Golf Secrets ($47 Value)

Golf is more of mental than any other sport and your mind can make the difference between good vs. great rounds.

Inside this BONUS you will learn:

  • How to overcome first tee jitters
  • Two simple hacks to stay present and focused every round
  • The mental secret to help you avoid trouble off the tee so you don't have round-killing blow up holes


Over $1,000 of value inside Score Like a Scratch Golfer and the four epic bonuses!

But you can start training your swing for a much lower investment in your golf game...



Lowest Investment

  • 6-Core Modules of Score Like a Scratch Golfer ($497 value)
  • BONUS: Pre-Shot Like a Pro ($297 Value)
  • BONUS: Practice Like a Pro ($197 value)
  • BONUS: Tournament Toolkit ($147 value)
  • BONUS: Mental Golf Secrets ($47 value)
  • Mental Golf Coaching Call with Michael ($197 value)

This is about the price of a dozen golf balls and can help you score lower for the rest of your golf career! 




Most Popular

  • 6-Core Modules of Score Like a Scratch Golfer ($497 value)
  • BONUS: Pre-Shot Like a Pro ($297 Value)
  • BONUS: Practice Like a Pro ($197 value)
  • BONUS: Tournament Toolkit ($147 value)
  • BONUS: Mental Golf Secrets ($47 value)
  • Mental Golf Coaching Call with Michael ($197 value)

This is about the price of a golf lesson but something you will use every round for the rest of your life!

During our 1:1 coaching call I'll help you understand how to customize your mental game using Mental Golf Type. 


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm that confident that Score Like a Scratch Golfer has everything you need to start playing better golf
and shooting lower scores... FAST. 

Let me take the risk for 60 days so you can focus on applying these strategies to your game. If you aren't fully satisfied within the first 60 days of enrollment shoot me an email [email protected] for your money back.

Please note, if you enroll in the VIP option there are no refunds as it includes a coaching call with Michael. Remember, this investment is the same price as a swing lesson that can stick with you for the rest of your golf career. 

Let's Recap...

When you join Score Like a Scratch Golfer you get instant access to the 6-core training modules. These are bite-sized video training sessions to help you learn the mindset and course management techniques (from tee to green) of elite golfers. 

These trainings WILL help you become a more confident and consistent golfer without changing your swing. The sooner you can think like a pro and navigate the course, the sooner you can start dropping shots fast.

Plus, you get four EPIC bonuses:

  • Practice Like a Pro: Learn how to practice like the best golfers in the world to actually make improvements during each practice session. These videos will help you 10X each practice session to NEVER waste time on the driving range or short game area again.  
  • Pre-Shot Like a Pro: Learn the secret weapon of all pros and elite amateur golfers to stand over every shot with confidence. This stand-alone training will teach you the benefits of creating a solid routine and how to develop one for your swing, short game, and putting. This training alone can help you drop 3–5 shots or more every round.
  • Tournament Toolkit: Playing in a tournament (whether it’s a member-member or Q-school) is nothing like normal golf. In this training I’ll share my best secrets from more than 200 tournament days to master your nerves and play better under pressure. 
  • Mental Golf Secrets E-book: Learn proven mental golf hacks to master your mind on the golf course to play better (especially under pressure). Paired with a consistent pre-shot routine, you will get in the zone every round. 

That makes Score Like a Scratch Golfer and bonuses worth more than $1,000... and you can join for ONLY $47 today or $147 with a 1:1 coaching call ✅

What type of golfer is this for? 

This mental golf + course management program is NOT for all golfers. If you fit these criteria, then you’re likely a great future member: 

  • Takes action
  • Has a passion for golf 
  • Isn’t afraid of trying out new strategies 
  • Wants to play better golf and have more fun
  • Willing to learn new skills and test out new ideas

Then I’m confident you can use this program to start shooting lower scores FAST. 

What type of golfer shouldn’t enroll? 

If you don’t want to learn new principles and keep doing the same old 

  • Fears change
  • Thinks mental game is BS
  • Doesn’t want to learn new ideas
  • Refuses to believe proven data about golf

If any of the above sound like you then you aren’t a good fit for Score Like a Scratch Golfer. 


At this point, you have a choice. 

You can keep playing and practicing like you have been and keep expecting different results. 

This is the “hard” path… the one where you practice all the time on the range, constantly working on mechanics. The path where you hope to get better and keep reading endless golf content or watch more YouTube videos looking for the solution.


You can choose to invest in yourself with Score Like a Scratch Golfer - which is a blueprint to shooting lower scores more consistently and learning how to "play your game." 

You can speed up the learning curve of golf from a +2 handicap golfer who’s competed in 200+ days of tournament golf including Q-School and a certified mental golf coach. This is the exact system I've used to become a top-rated amateur golfer in Arizona. 

But whatever you choose, choose quickly because your golf game depends on it (and prices are going to increase SOON). 

Join NOW!

“A pre-shot routine helps you build a cocoon around yourself. This is the mysterious zone that athletes refer to longingly. But there's nothing mysterious about it.”

Helen Alfredsson,
Author of A Good Swing is Hard to Find

Have Questions About Score Like a Scratch Golfer? 

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions about Score Like a Scratch Golfer. If you don't see your question below please email [email protected] and ask away.

"I never hit a shot, not even in practice, without first seeing it in my mind.”

Jack Nicklaus, 
18-Time Major Champion

🏌️‍♂️Meet Your Mental Golf Player Coach 💭

Who is Michael Leonard?

Michael is a +2 handicap with 20+ years of golf experience. He played in high school and dropped 50 shots in four years (124 as a freshmen, 74 as a senior) and played college golf in Southern California.

After falling back in love with the game in 2016 (thanks to a trip to Pebble Beach) he quit his corporate career in 2017 to pursue entrepreneurship and golf. Since then, he's become a top 25 ranked Arizona Amateur golfer and competed in hundreds of days of tournament golf. Including elite amateur events through the USGA, AZ Golf Association, and even went to Q-school in 2019 in Nebraska. 

Michael Leonard has also been a golf writer since 2017 and written more than 2,000,000 words about the sport covering all topics from mental game, product reviews, golf course reviews, and more. In 2022, he used his writing and digital marketing experience to launch Wicked Smart Golf - a golf podcast/brand committed to helping the everyday golfer. He also released a book with the same name that provides 111 ways to play better golf and shoot lower scores without swing changes. 

Michael is also a Level 1 Certified Mental Golf Coach using the Mental Golf Type System. His mission is simple - help you play better, have more fun on the golf course, and reach your true potential.

Score Like a Scratch Golfer

The fastest way to shoot lower scores and play golf with 10X more confidence on every swing.

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Golfers are LOVING Wicked Smart Golf advice...

“Golf from the fairway is a thinking man's game. It comes with experience but it mostly comes with awareness. The good news is that the average golfer's chances of developing good judgement are better than his chances of radically transforming his golf swing."

Raymond Floyd,
The Elements of Scoring