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Learn how to drop 5+ shots from your game WITHOUT changing your swing. 

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Wicked Smart Golf is the #1 podcast to help you play better FAST.

Hey my name is Michael Leonard, a +2 handicap, golf writer, mental golf coach and podcast host.  

On the show I share from my experience in becoming a +2 handicap alongside countless interviews with golf coaches, mental game experts, highly skilled amateurs, and professionals to start playing better without making swing changes. 

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Learn how to become a "wicked smart" golfer... 

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I've been a professional golf writer since 2017 & featured on top golf websites with more than 2,000,000+ words written about the sport. 

In my new book - Wicked Smart Golf - I'll teach you 111 ways to play better golf without changing your swing using my five pillar approach.

Available in paperback, Kindle, or Audible. 

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In 2022, I got started as a Mental Golf Type certified coach and have helped golfers around the world master their mental game for lower scores.

Whether you need a one off emergency call or work together with an on-going basis, I am here to help you improve your mindset for more consistency and lower scores to reach your potential.

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One of the fastest ways to shoot lower scores and play more consistent golf is to make sure you aren't wasting a minute in your practice sessions.

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Wicked Smart Golf Book 

Play Better Golf and Shoot Lower Scores Without Changing Your Swing

Use my 5-pillar approach to start shooting lower scores without changing your swing. You will learn 111 easy to implement strategies to get the most out of your game and play better than you thought possible.

Available on Kindle, paperback, and Audible. The Audible version has 3+ hours of bonus content to help you master your mindset and learn more wicked smart tips.  

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Your best golf is yet to come... 

I'm obsessed with golf and bet you are too.

After playing the game for 25+ years and quitting my 6-figure job in 2017 to pursue my golf dreams, I want to help more golfers enjoy the game! 

After becoming a top golf writer with hundreds of articles online + working with top coaches/sports psychologists + endless tournament experience (including Q-school) it gives me a unique perspective to help you speed up success. 

I can't wait to help you become wicked smart on the course so you can reach your true potential. 

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