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Ready to lower your handicap, play more consistently and master your mental game? 

If so, you're in the right place.

STOP wasting time on the driving range working on endless swing tips from YouTube University. 

If your game is solid in practice and even during casual rounds but seemingly disappears under pressure or are tired of playing wildly inconsistent (a 75... followed by an 89 type of weekend) it's most likely NOT a swing issue.

Instead, it's your mental game and ability to make the right decisions on the golf course. 

Introducing... Wicked Smart Golf Academy. 

A step-by-system that is designed to help you play CONSISTENT GOLF fast. 

Learn to practice like a pro, develop a pre-shot routine, make better decisions on the golf course, and compete at the highest levels of golf.

If you're tired of lacking mental focus, low confidence, high scores, and not taking your range game to the course, keep reading. 

If you’re ready to:

  • Shoot lower scores.

  • Reach your scoring potential.¬†

  • Discover how to stay focused during the round.¬†

  • Learn how to take your range game to the golf course.

  • Stop 3-putting and having low confidence on the greens.¬†

  • Improve your mental game so you can enjoy rounds a lot more.¬†

Then this program is perfect for you.

Here's what's included when you become a member of Wicked Smart Golf Academy.

Pre-Shot Like a Pro 

Every elite amateur golfer and professional have ONE thing in common - a pre-shot routine.

Yet, most everyday golfers have no set of rituals before they hit a shot. This is one of the BIGGEST mistakes and holding so many golfers back from their potential.

This mental golf program will help you learn the science behind routines and how to create three types; one for your full swing, short game, and putting.

A consistent routine will help overcome doubt, reduce blow up holes, and improve confidence on every shot. 

Learn more about this golf mindset program here. 

Here's what you learn inside Pre-Shot Like a Pro:

  • The 8-second proven secret to hit better shots.
  • Why confidence on the greens is mostly a mental issue.¬†
  • The five biggest pre-shot mistakes that most amateur golfers make that lead to inconsistency.¬†
  • How a routine will transform your mental game, help you stay positive, and be more decisive on every shot.
  • The simple 7-step process to develop your pre-shot routine so you stand over every shot with insane confidence and belief.

20+ bite sized videos to help you finally master one of the most important parts of a strong mental game. 

Score Like a Scratch Golfer

Want to play more consistently without spending hours on the range?

Score Like a Scratch Golfer is step-by-step system will help you understand how to think your way to a better mental game... from pre-round, during the round, and post round so you can make better decisions + shoot lower scores. 

This training will help understand proper tee box and approach shot strategies. Not to mention tons of training on the short game so you can save shots every single round.

Learn more about this course management program here. 

Here is what you will learn inside Score Like a Scratch Golfer: 

  • The one shot EVERY golfer needs.¬†
  • Five short game rules to eliminate bad holes.
  • A secret mental hack to prime your mind for every shot.¬†
  • The easiest ways to add effortless distance to your game.¬†
  • Easy putting tips to stand over every putt with Tiger like confidence.¬†
  • How scratch golfers think about bad shots and bad holes to bounce back quickly.¬†
  • Why a distance chart can help you play with more decisiveness and confidence.¬†
  • What swing thoughts can help your mental game (and which ones are killing your chances of shooting lower scores).
  • Why equipment plays such a pivotal role in helping you hit it longer and straighter... plus the five essential questions you need to ask about your clubs.¬†

And a lot more mental game strategies to help you break 80 fast (without swing changes). There are more than 40 bite sized videos to help you understand course management like never before. 

Ultimate Golf Offseason

Need help creating a game plan for how to improve your game - both physically and mentally this offseason?

Ultimate Offseason has tons of training to help understand speed training, equipment changes, and mental upgrades to play your best golf. Not to mention the best books, apps, and online coaching platforms to improve your fundamentals. 

Here is what you will learn inside Ultimate Golf Offseason Gameplan.

  • How to improve your mental game in the offseason.
  • The two most important clubs to shoot lower scores FAST.¬†
  • A simple 20-min putting practice routine for crazy confidence.
  • How to give yourself a putting lesson and save hundreds without a coach.¬†
  • An easy way¬†to recap your year and set goals so you can break 90, break 80, or become a scratch golfer quickly.
  • The easiest way to master the mental game so can have more confidence and enjoyment on the golf course.¬†

And a lot more tips to improve your mental and physical game in the offseason so you can lower your handicap faster than ever. More than 25 videos to help understand speed training, equipment upgrades, how to analyze your stats, and more proven offseason strategies. 

Tournament Golf Formula

Ready to take your game into competition like a club championship, member-guest, state qualifier, or a USGA event? 

The Tournament Golf Formula will walk you through everything you need to know about amateur golf tournaments. From how to find tournaments, mental preparation, practice round strategies, and dealing with high pressure situations to play your best golf. 

Learn more about this tournament golf program now. 

Here is what you'll discover inside the Tournament Golf Formula.

  • How to play more consistently under pressure.¬†
  • The easiest ways to take your range game to the golf course.¬†
  • How to easily focus, overcome first tee jitters, and golf nerves to play your best.¬†
  • Why tournaments are the fastest way to breaking 80 or becoming a scratch golfer.
  • The three types of amateur golf tournaments and how to get started in competition even if you're brand new.¬†

And a lot more tips and wisdom to thrive in tournament golf. There are more than 30 videos to help you understand and play amazing in tournaments even if you're just getting started. 

Practice Like a Pro

Need help creating practice routines so you break 80 consistently and not waste time at the range?

Practice Like a Pro has everything you need to improve your game in practice to show up prepared on the golf course. 

Inside Practice Like a Pro you will learn:

  • 7 practice rules for every session.
  • How to coach yourself in practice for more consistent ball striking.¬†
  • 10 mental game putting tips to have more¬†confidence than ever on the greens.¬†¬†
  • My favorite practice plan to help you on the course and in the gym for more speed, distance, and lower scores.¬†

More than 25 videos to help you practice like never before so you can shoot lower scores faster than ever. 

What Other Golfers Are Saying About Wicked Smart Golf ... 

Josh L.

"Michael is one of the most enthusiastic people I know in the business. He loves the journey of improvement, and has the mental concepts to help all players improve and find the joy in the game. Highly recommend Wicked Smart Golf!"

Scott L.

"I brought some of these lessons to the course and immediately regained form. Focusing specifically on a consistent pre-shot routine that took 13 seconds or less yielded great results for me, and I’m really excited to build on the momentum."


"If you’re addicted to golf, and grinding to get better, or simply play as a weekend warrior, this podcast is for you! I couldn’t ask for a more comprehensive vault of amazing golf discussion, and after a few days am already seeing results on the course."



One-Time Payment

  • Pre-Shot Like a Pro ($197 value)¬†
  • Ultimate Offseason ($97 value)¬†
  • Score Like a Scratch Golfer ($297 value)¬†
  • Tournament Golf Formula ($197 value)
  • Practice Like a Pro ($197 value)¬†
  • BONUS Trainings
  • Three Pack of 1:1 Online Coaching Calls with Michael¬†
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Starter + Coaching

  • Pre-Shot Like a Pro¬†($197 value)¬†
  • Ultimate Offseason¬†($97 value)¬†
  • Score Like a Scratch Golfer¬†($297 value)¬†
  • Tournament Golf Formula¬†($197 value)
  • Practice Like a Pro¬†($197 value)¬†
  • BONUS Trainings
  • Three Pack of 1:1 Online Coaching Calls with Michael¬†
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Wicked Smart Golf Academy? 

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions about joining the academy. If you don't see your question below please email [email protected]¬†and ask away.

Meet Your Mental Game Player Coach: Michael Leonard


Michael is a +2 handicap with 20+ years of golf experience. He played in high school and dropped 50 shots in four years (124 as a freshmen, 74 as a senior) and played college golf in Southern California.

After falling back in love with the game in 2016 (thanks to a trip to Pebble Beach) he quit his corporate career in 2017 to pursue entrepreneurship and golf. Since then, he's become a top 25 ranked Arizona Amateur golfer and competed in hundreds of days of tournament golf. Including elite amateur events through the USGA, AZ Golf Association, and even went to Q-school in 2019 in Nebraska. 

Michael Leonard has also been a golf writer since 2017 and written more than 2,000,000 words about the sport covering all topics from mental game, product reviews, golf course reviews, and more. In 2022, he used his writing and digital marketing experience to launch Wicked Smart Golf - a golf podcast/brand committed to helping the everyday golfer. He also released a book with the same name that provides 111 ways to play better golf and shoot lower scores without swing changes. 

Michael is also a Level 1 Certified Mental Golf Coach using the Mental Golf Type System. His mission is simple - help you play better, have more fun on the golf course, and reach your true potential.

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