Episode #16: Hit Better Wedge Shots - 5 Simple Steps to Lower Scores

Want to hit better wedge shots so you can go low every time you tee it up? This golf podcast episode will help you easily become a wedge wizard with 5 simple strategies. 

We'll cover:

  1. The right equipment you need to play to set yourself up for success
  2. Why bounce is your friend with a wedge and why you should carry more than one type of bounce to play any type of shot
  3. How a GW (gap wedge) can make your life so much easier 
  4. Why a full wedge is a terrible idea and what to do instead
  5. The importance of having two distances so you don't leave big distance gaps and struggle on the golf course

Soon enough, you'll be a wicked smart golfer who dominates from inside 125 yards! 

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