Episode #17: Cameron Strachan - The Secrets to Better Putting (Automatic Golf Method)


Cameron Strachan used to work with Aaron Baddeley and helped him become a top putter on the PGA Tour. In this epic interview, he shares the secrets to putting using natural learning and tapping into your subconscious mind. As he said, "If you can throw a baseball, you can become a great putter."

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But if you're like most golfers, you know that putting can feel difficult... until today. When you listen to this epic golf podcast, I am confident you will have the tools to become a better overnight.

I used his Look and Shoot Putting method in 2021 and dropped more than three shots per round! I've never felt more confident with my putter and have Cameron to thank for it.

In this interview, we go into:

  • The look and shoot method
  • Why you should practice putting LESS
  • Why most everyday golfers struggle with putting
  • Understanding the conscious vs. subconscious mind
  • How to use "natural learning" to become a great putter overnight  

Want more information about this system? Check out my full blog post on the Look and Shoot Putting System today.

>>>Learn more about Look and Shoot Putting System Today! 

Best Clips from Cameron Strachan Podcast Interview 

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