Episode #177: Dr. Izzy Justice - Learn GYRA Golf to Hack Your Mental Game

GRYA Golf will change your game forever.

I'd argue it's one of the best golf books ever and I've read hundreds! I've seen first hand how it can help your mental game and had some of my best tournament rounds ever once applying these principles. 

The author is Dr. Izzy Justice and I'm lucky to talk with today on the show. 

As noted on his website, "Dr. Izzy Justice is a sports neuroscientist and inventor of the ground-breaking technology The Brain Trackman™ who has authored 8 books over the course of 30 years on the topic of Emotional Intelligence."

He's also trained and certified more than 300 coaches in EQ in golf, basketball, football, triathlons, and more. Speaking of triathlons he's done more than 40 including 8 half iron mans and 5 full iron mans. 

In our interview we cover:

  • Why golf is 93% mental.

  • The five doors to the brain.

  • How to bounce back after bad shots.

  • How a yellow card can get you out of stress quickly.

  • Why you should treat a round of golf like a “spa day” (this was an a-ha moment).

Make sure to buy GYRA Golf on Amazon now (it's one of the BEST investments you can make in your golf game). 

Connect with Dr. Justice on Twitter/X, Instagram and his website for more tips.  

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