Episode #218: 7 Reasons to Play in Competitive Events

Today you’ll discover the beauty of tournament golf and stick around to the end to learn the easiest way to get started.

Some of the benefits of playing in events include: 

  • Mix it up to create new memories. 
  • Meet new people/liked minded golfers.
  • See golf courses in more challenging + best conditions.
  • Figure out how to self-assess your swing - no one is coming to save you.
  • Learn which part of your game needs the most work so you can practice with purpose.
  • Build mental toughness and understand the role of the mental game to thrive under pressure. 

If this feels overwhelming, don’t worry, I’ve simplified the process. After playing in more than 200 tournament days, I want to help you speed up success, which is why I created the Tournament Golf Formula. 

This online training program has more than 40 bite sized lessons to help you learn how to sign up for events, how to prepare, how to play your best, mental tips, and more tips from first-hand experience.

Don't let fear and overwhelm hold you back from playing tournaments. Grab the Tournament Golf Formula to dominate competition in 2024 (and beyond). 

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