Episode #249: Justin Kraft - How to Develop Skills & Worst Golf Advice

Justin Kraft (@kraftygolf on IG) has been coaching for over 5 years and has given over 5000 in-person & online lessons and work with golfers of all skill levels.  

He played in college, is the Director of Instructor at Spring Hill GC in MN, rated Best Golf Teacher by Golf Digest, and also TPI Certified.

When you listen to this episode, you will learn:

  • How he quit banking to go all in on golf.
  • The right way to record your golf swing.
  • The difference between skills vs. mechanics. 
  • His "worst" and best moments in his golf career. 
  • How Justin's Instagram helped me cure my shanks! 
  • Some of the worst golf advice that is holding you back from playing your best golf. 
  • Why you should avoid low and slow on the course but use when making swing changes. 
  • Why you should only hit one shot shape on the course but learn how hit all shots at the range.

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