Episode #34: The Easiest Way to Make More Putts

This putting tip will help you make more putts WITHOUT making changes to your stroke.

This tip will help you stand over every putt with confidence and believe in yourself. Remember, it's the little things that make the biggest difference in the crazy game of golf. 

What is it? 

Line up your putts with a line, logo, or part of the golf ball.

So many golfers skip this step, then have no clue where they were supposed to aim when they’re standing over the ball. This is too simple to not do every single time and one of the common things that nearly every professional golfer does on every putt. 

Once your ball is aimed at the start line, use the alignment aid on your putter to match the line on your golf ball. This should lead you to feeling very confident over any putt on the green and help the ball start on line properly. Remember, putting is more about confidence than anything else! 

Make More Putts

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