Episode #38: 3 Ways to Have More Birdie Putts Every Round

Do you want more looks at birdie every single round? If so, this episode will give you three simple strategies to hit more greens in regulation without swing changes. 

Whether you realize it or not, most trouble is short of the green. While some holes might have a bunker or water behind the green, most of the trouble is short. 


Because greenskeepers know that most golfers end up short and thus put the trouble accordingly. In today's episode you will learn three easy strategies to hit more greens and have more looks at birdie! 

If you’re between clubs, pick the longer one in general (unless there is trouble long). Try not to pull the club; you must hit perfectly to reach the green. After learning more course management inside the DECADE program, the numbers show that missing long is almost always better than short. This should cause more looks for birdies so you can score consistently better. 


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