Episode #42: Speed Training Makes Golf Easier - Follow These 2 Strategies

Speed is KING in golf.

Don't get me wrong, short game (specifically putting) is imperative to great golf but you need distance too. For every extra MPH of swing speed you create with a driver equals 3 more yards of total distance.

If you add 5-10 MPH to your driver swing in the offseason that 15 to 30 yards more distance. How much easier would every par 4 or 5 be if you were that much closer to the green?

A longer drive means shorter approach shots and typically lower scores. Plus, who doesn't like to hit bombs! 

While working out can help your speed, I think speed training is much easier for the everyday golfer. 

In this episode, I'll take you through my off season speed training routine and the best ways for you to get started.