Episode #37: Why You Need to Create a Memory Bank of Good Shots

Did you know your mind is hardwired for negativity? Think about it, when most people talk about their round or their game it's almost always a negative comment first.

  • "I didn't make any putts"
  • "My driver is just terrible"
  • "I had an 8 on the 15th hole" 

While some of that negativity is choice, a lot of it is programmed into humans thanks to what's known as "negativity bias." 

Here’s a formal explanation from Very Well Mind

“Our tendency to pay more attention to bad things and overlook good things is likely a result of evolution. Earlier in human history, paying attention to bad, dangerous, and negative threats in the world was literally a matter of life and death. Those who were more attuned to danger and who paid more attention to the bad things around them were more likely to survive.”

But golf is not life or death. You no longer need to pay attention to danger to survive, especially if you’re playing golf! 

You need to train your memory to forget bad shots quickly and remember positive shots as much as possible. This is easier said than done because the mind is wired for negativity, but it is possible. 

In today's quick hit podcast episode, you will learn how to create a memory bank of great shots to become a more positive, optimistic golfer.

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