Mental Golf Type Review - Eliminate Stress to 10X Performance


After playing golf for 25 years and writing more than 1.5 million words about the sport, I’m not easily impressed with new golf information. Not that I think I know it all by any means - it’s just that lot of it gets repetitive.

Don’t get me wrong, I am always looking to learn more as I’m obsessed with the game and will do anything to reach my full potential. I even quit my 6-figure corporate job in 2017 just to see how good I could get and entrepreneurship gave me the freedom to play/practice 10X more. Needless to say, I have a “whatever it takes” mentality to get better in this crazy, stupid, awesome sport. 

Whether it’s hiring a sports psychologist, using golf hypnosis or some other non-traditional method, I’ll give anything a chance. Especially with the mental side of golf, as it’s such a big factor in competitive events. 

Which is how I stumbled upon Mental Golf Type

MGT teaches you how to use your own unique personality to play your best golf and get in the zone. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard about and had to share as it’s helped me become a wicked smart golfer. Paired with PuttView yardage books and Decade Golf, they are the tri-fecta to tournament golf.  

Mental Golf Type is not a bunch of training videos on broad sports psychology techniques. No, it’s a way to learn how to use your hardwired personality type to perform better in practice and on the golf course. 

Keep reading to learn more about Mental Golf Type and other products they offer that can take your game to the next level. Or, watch the YouTube video review below.

Mental Golf Type Review - A Revolutionary System to Play Better Without Swing Changes 

John Weir is the creator of Mental Golf Type and Kiel Alderink is the head performance coach. 

 According to his bio, “John Weir is the founder of the Mental Golf Academy based in Lake Mary, Florida and is the mental performance coach to elite junior, collegiate, and professional golfers from around the world. John is the developer of the Mental Golf Type® system, the author of Golfer’s Guide to Mental Fitness, and the creator of The Mental Caddie subconscious conditioning program.”  

Listen to my full mental golf masterclass with John below.

While Kiel Alderink has been named a top 40 Under 40 teacher by Golf Digest and worked with tons of elite players as well. Together, they’ve hosted “The Go Low Show” (one of my favorite golf podcasts) and helped tons of golfers upgrade their mental game. 

Now that you know more about John & Kiel, let’s get into how this system can help you master your mind on the course. 

What is the Mental Golf Type program?

Let’s start with the basics, what is this mental golf system all about?

Mental Golf Type is your guide to optimal mental performance. It’s about helping you minimize stress so you can get in the zone on the golf course. 

The coveted “zone” is where things feel easy. When you’re playing your best golf without having to try. Tiger Woods once described it by saying, “I don’t hear noise… I don’t hear anything. I just become so enthralled in that particular moment.” 

And as you know, it led to some of the best golf ever. The good news is that you can train your mind like Tiger with MGT. 

Here’s how they describe the mental game system on their website

“A clear guide to your optimal performance. Personality determines behavior, and behavior determines performance. In order to consistently play your best golf it is essential that you know your Mental Golf Type.

There are 16 different types of golfer minds. You have 1 of them and it's hard-wired into the brain at birth. To play your best, you must know how you mentally operate, what you specifically need to do to perform on the course, and what to avoid.”

Their goal is simple - help you stay stress-free on the course.

Stress can sabotage a round faster than a few 3-putts from short range and crush your confidence. Here’s how stress can ruin your round according to Patrick Cohn’s, How Stress Can Affect Sports Performance:

“Too much stress, or bad stress, can cause performance anxiety, which hurts your health and does not allow you to play relaxed, confident, and focused in competition. 

When you’re dealing with mental obstacles like apprehension or anxiety, your body follows suit by physically tightening up, and as a result this can lead to complications with athletic performance. To perform at your best, stress levels must be both effective and manageable.”

Staying out of stress is a lot easier once you can identify your stressors based on your natural triggers. 

Using Your Personality to Get in the Zone

Basically, every person has their own personality type and it’s up to you to make sure you play golf in a way that matches your personality. One of the problems that so many players get into is trying to play like someone they are not. 

When you go against your personality type, you unknowingly create stress which hinders your ability to “get in the zone.” The problem is that most of us don’t know we’re doing it and then wonder why some days we perform better than others. 

For example, I’m an extrovert and have been for my entire life. I love talking to strangers, being the center of attention, and always got in trouble in school for talking too much. However, I didn’t always take that approach to the golf course, especially in tournaments where I thought I had to be “extra focused.” 

A lot of rounds I acted the opposite on the golf course and would try to act like Tiger Woods (an introvert) by not talking to competitors and staying internal. 

I’m sure I’m not alone here either … because let’s face it, who didn’t want to have the TW swagger? 

We all watched Tiger dominate the sport early in his career and intimidated anyone he was paired with. On Sunday’s he would hardly say hi at the first tee and didn’t even say “good shot” if his competitors hit it close. 

Paired with his dominant performance, Sunday red polo, and overall demeanor, he was icy cold from the outside to his competitors. The “Tiger-effect” was real and even the best players often choked when going head to head with the GOAT. 

I’m sure some of his on-course behavior was used for intimidation purposes, but mainly, it was his personality. It was how he performed his best, especially under pressure. 

But this wasn’t my style and acting like Tiger actually hurt my game by adding extra stress. Instead, as an extrovert, I should have been acting like Phil Mickelson.  

Phil is the exact opposite of Tiger and a huge extrovert. He loves chatting with fellow players, getting the crowd involved, and talking through shots with his caddy. Like Tiger, he knew his personality and how to get the most out of his game. 

You need to know/understand your personality to stay relaxed and perform your best on the golf course. Mental Golf Type will help you identify your personality and learn how to use it to play better every time you tee it up. 

Finding Out Your Personality Type 

The first step to getting in the zone is learning your personality type so you can avoid stressors.  So many of us don't know our personality types and how to get the most out of ourselves, both on and off the golf course. 

Here’s what 16Personalities, “According to most personality type theories, the individual’s type is inborn and does not change.” While you can alter certain traits, the majority of your personality is hardwired and won’t change much. Instead of fighting against it, learn how to make it work for you!  

There are 16 types of personalities and it’s vital to know your personality so you can match your behaviors to play your best. When you do, you will achieve peak performance and create a strong mental game for your own unique personality. 

Here is an overview in case you’ve previously taken a personality test. 

To get started, you need to first know your personality type by taking the quiz on their website

For more information on MGT listen to episode #33: Kiel Alderink on the "Zone" and How Personality Affects Performance.

Mental Game Type Program - My Results 

Once you learn your personality type and invest in the program, you get instant access to their training videos. What I love is that this is not some cookie cutter plan that is geared for everyone. Instead, it’s customized to your personality so you can overcome stress and play golf at a higher level. 

For example, my personality is an ENTJ and the trainings are all based on my four unique traits:

  • Extrovert
  • Intuition  
  • Judging
  • Thinking 

I binged the videos and instantly started to see how I was getting in my own way by adding undo stress to my golf game. While you’ll have different results than me, I wanted to share some of my biggest takeaways from the program. 

Extrovert Lessons

As an extrovert, I learned that I need to keep talking during the round. I get energy by putting energy out in the world, not by keeping it inside. 

MGT taught me tons of strategies to make sure I stay engaged and perform my best (even if I get paired up with introverts). Now I can blame Tiger for some of my poor performances as being a silent killer like him actually stressed my mind out! 

Intuition Lessons

Of the four sections, I think I learned the most in the intuition lessons… specifically, how to connect with my targets. I’ve struggled with this in the past (choosing zones vs. small targets) but they made it easy to understand how my mind best processes information like this. They also helped with my pre-shot routine and have never felt more confident over the golf ball. 

Thinking Lessons

As a thinker, I learned that I NEED a plan to succeed. Which I fully believe as I’ve been planning more in 2022 (thanks to DECADE golf) and had tremendous results. 

Judging Lessons 

Finally, I learned how the “judging” part of my personality needs a practice plan and to avoid stress, I need to stick with my game plan. 

These were just some of the lessons I learned but can say they’ve already made a big difference in my game. 

What’s included in the Level 1 Core Concepts? 

Level 1 of MGT is composed of training videos that are geared towards your personality. John and Kiel provide videos to help you understand more about your personality and tendencies to perform your best. 

These are short, easy to digest videos to help you understand your tendencies and stressors. Plus, they also have quizzes and other written information to help you learn these powerful techniques.

 I’m a huge geek of this type of content and binged it like a great Netflix show, taking tons of notes. I had so many “Ah-ha” moments where I realized that despite my best efforts, I sabotaged parts of my game. Luckily, I know how to act on the course to avoid extra stress and get in the zone more often. 

Other MGT Training Programs 

Mental Golf Type has other programs that will also help you improve your self-image and program your mind for success. When I invested in the Mental Golf Type, I bought the entire bundle which provided access to all their programs. 

Here’s a quick overview of them: 

The Universal Practice of Great Practice

Practice is one of the most important parts of becoming a wicked smart golfer. I dedicated an entire section of my book all about practice because let’s face it, most golfers practice entirely wrong! 

The Universal Practice of Great Practice is a unique four-pillar approach to getting the most out of each session. They teach you how to spend time on technique, skill, mentality, and competitive practice so you simulate what it’s like on the golf course. 

They also have an upgraded version, which is the “The Advanced Practice of Great Practice” and also based on your personality type. Both are tremendous programs with tons of information to help you practice with purpose. 

The Universal Consistency Formula 

If you listen to almost any golfer talk about their goals, one of the most common goals is “consistency.” Because let’s face it, we all want to play more consistently as there’s nothing worse than shooting a 69 one day and 82 the next day. 

Like their other programs, this is a video training course. It will help you master your pre-shot routine and shot process for more consistency on the course. They also have an advanced consistency formula based on your personality type too. 

Mental Fitness: Optimizing the Subconscious Mind 

This program is one of the BEST investments you can make in your golf game. 

I’ve personally used hypnotherapy for years for many aspects of my life (including golf) and can say it’s a game changer! 

Unlike other Mental Golf Type programs, these are audio training sessions to help you reprogram your mind for even more success by tapping into the power of hypnosis. John Weir is a board certified instructor with a soothing voice to help you relax and improve your mental game off the course. 

Hypnotherapy is so powerful because it retrains your subconscious mind, which controls 90% or more of your day. When you learn how to upgrade the more powerful mind, you can perform and play better on autopilot. They provide tons of information in this program and come with five audios to help you rewire your mind.

The topics of the audios include; building your self-image, awakening your inner champion, mental toughness, swing success conditioning, and high level putting performance. I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for hypnotherapy sessions but nothing compares to their Mental Fitness program.

Self-Communication of Champions 

The final MGT program offered is the Self-Communication of Champions. Unlike the other trainings, this one is entirely written format and geared towards improving your confidence and self-image. 

If you struggle with confidence on the course, you’ll love this program. By learning how to use affirmations and auto-suggestion, you can reprogram your mind for success. 

Questions About Mental Golf Type 

Do you have more questions about Mental Golf Type? 

Check out some of the commonly asked questions below to learn more now. 

How much of golf is mental? 

More than you probably think. I love this quote from Dan Jenkins who said, “Golf is 90% mental. Once you know how to hold the club, swing, it’s all in the mind.” 

He’s not wrong either. I’m a scratch golfer and despite having a consistent swing, I’m shocked at how much of the game is mental. But when you invest in Mental Golf Type, you will learn more than just “cookie-cutter” sports psychology tips. 

Instead, you will learn how to use your unique personality to avoid stress and hit better shots without changing your swing. 

What mental skills does golf require?

Golf requires a lot of mental skills including patience, discipline, focus, commitment, and more. But it also requires you to play/practice based on your personality so that you perform at your highest levels. 

What is the personality of a golfer? 

This is a good question and why Mental Golf Type such a great resource for players. Not everyone has the same personality type in life (and in golf). Remember, there are 16 personalities and the first step is identifying yours to get the right program. Then, you can learn what stresses your mind and how you operate to play better every round (especially under pressure).  

What is Tiger Woods personality type?

The best guess is that Tiger Wood is an ISTP. 

There's no doubt he’s an introvert but the other three factors aren’t as easy to identify as he’s very private with his life. He even has a yacht named “Privacy” so chances are, he likely won’t show off his personality results with the public anytime soon. 

How do I get better at golf mentally?  

By learning how to use your personality to your advantage on the golf course. The easiest way is to first identify your personality type (using their free online quiz), then enrolling in Mental Golf Type. 

Closing Thoughts - Don’t Let Stress Affect Performance 

So, what’s my rating of this unique mental game system? I give it a 10/10. In fact, I loved it so much I became a mental golf coach and was certified using this incredible system. 

This mental game program is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in popular golf books, YouTube videos, or sports performance podcasts. I’ve worked with sports psychologists, hypnotherapists, and PGA Tour teachers, but nothing compares to this in my opinion.

I don’t endorse a lot of products but when I do, I scream about them from the rooftops because I want more golfers to play better without swing changes. Another good example is PuttView yardage books which have helped in tounraments a ton!   

Remember, knowing and playing around your personality will help you reduce stress and progress faster than ever before. Use MGT to get in the zone and learn to play like a champion.

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