Episode #15: Competitive Golf - 7 Lessons to Play Better in Tournaments


If you're like most players you want to score better in competitive golf situations. Whether it's a USGA qualifier, a skins game, or local tournament, these 7 tips will help you handle nerves and perform under pressure.

In this episode, we'll cover:

  1. Why you need a game plan to play your best golf (and how to do it)
  2. The importance of mastering your pre-shot routine to stay calm under pressure 
  3. How to practice leading up to your golf tournament
  4. Practicing after the round, not just before you tee off 
  5. Learning to play with strangers and not let it affect your game or golf swing
  6. Why you need to do a post round recap (and my favorite golf stat tracking tools)
  7. The mindset needed to play well and thrive in competitive golf

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To play great in competition, you need solid course management and a strong mental game. Here are my two favorite resources that I use: 

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