Episode #36: Simplify Your Shots to Play 10X More Consistently

Stop trying to shape shots!

Did you know that most guys on the PGA Tour have one stock shot and play it 90% of the time, regardless of the hole location or if the fairway doglegs left or right.

While they can hit all the shots on the driving range, they usually play one stock shot on the golf course (aside from maybe Tiger Woods). Dustin Johnson loves his cut shot, while Rory McIlroy loves his power draw. 

You should do the same and only play one shot almost every single swing.

Unless you have a tree or some other obstacle in your way, try to play the same shot every single time (regardless of if the hole or pins calls for a specific type of shot). If the best players in the world struggle in competition to hit it both ways, you probably will too. Plus, when you try to work the golf ball both ways, you invite the dreaded double cross which can lead to some big misses. 

On the range, develop your shot - whatever that might look like for you.

When the pressure is on during the round, having a go-to shot will make it easier to pick your target and commit to the shot. Play your shot more often than not (even if the fairway or pin position calls for the opposite type of shot) to score your best. 



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