Wicked Smart Golf

How to Play Better Golf and Shoot Lower Scores
Without Changing Your Swing


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Wicked Smart Golf Book Bonuses

Have you already read the book and want even more tips and tricks to better golf? Watch the bonuses videos below and check out the resources on the bottom of the page to become a wicked smart golfer.


Wicked Smart Golf Book Resources

>> Pre-Shot Like a Pro

Learn how to easily develop a pre-shot routine to drop 3-5 shots from your game FAST. 

>>Look and Shoot Putting

This proven system will help you make more putts and 10X your confidence on the putting green without practicing for hours and hours a day. 

>> Mental Golf Type

Become your own mental coach by learning how to get in the zone and stay out of stress based on your personality type. Use code WICKEDSMART to receive a 25% discount. 

>> Under Par Golf App

Learn how to practice with purpose with custom plans from Under Par Golf. Enter the code WICKEDSMART for first-time discounts. 

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Learn more strategies to play better golf without swing changes on Wicked Smart Golf Podcast. More than 100 episodes including guest experts like top golf authors, mental golf coaches, hypnotherapists, scratch golfers, and more. 

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